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Deliver the Surgical Sutures

How to deliver the suture

We are one of the biggest suture manufacturer around the world.

We are specialist in the manufacture of surgical suture. This know-how let us to improve your process.

Many suture manufacturer knows tha the process of making sutures is very complex and increases the operational costs of production.

Justsuture helps you optimize the production costs of absorbable and non-absorbable surgical sutures.

The wide variety of possible combinations for manufacturing make our alternative ideal for optimizing the purchasing processes and not having stored unused products.

The process of surgical suture

Step 1: Select suture type

  • Antibacterial Polyglactin (synthetic, absorbable, antibacterial)
  • Polyglactin 910 (synthetic, absorbable)
  • Polyglycloic Acid (synthetic, absorbable)
  • Chromic Catgut (natural, absorbable)
  • Simple Catgut (natural, absorbable)
  • Black Braided Silk (synthetic, non absorbable)
  • Black Braided Nylon (synthetic, non absorbable)

Step 2: Select needle to set

  • Shape: 1/2 , 3/8 , 1/4
  • Cut: Rounded, Triangular, Spatulated
  • Lenght: 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm

Step 3: We deliver the product semi finished

  • Absorbable synthetic suture
  • Other sutures are delivered in set or in bluk

OEM suture process

Semifinished surgical suture manufacturer process

  1. Reception
    • Sutures are sent to you with a needle, and rolled list holder in bags of 50, 100 or 500 units
  2. Labeling
    • You put the suture identification label with uor OWN BRAND in your facility
  3. Enveloping
    • Once tags are inserted in the surgical grade envelope or TYVECK
  4. Sterilization
    • It make the process of sterilization with ethylene oxide. Once the sterilization process is carried out quality control.
  5. Packaging
    • Once approved, the product is placed in its final presentation box of 12, 24 or 26 units. The product is ready for marketing.

suture manufacturer SEMIFINISHED PROCESS
suture manufacturer SEMIFINISHED PROCESS