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About us

Global surgical suture manufacturer

We are part of a SUTUMED CORP GROUP As a global surgical suture manufacturer our company specializes in the manufacture of sutures with a vertical integration system.

We produce our own raw materials, and supplies for medical packaging, of high quality at low cost.

First, the goal is to provide our customers, MANUFACTURERS OF SURGICAL SUTURES, the hard processes followed to obtain the product.

Just get our suture needle in bulk, put the product identification label with your own brand and process ends with the sterilization and final fitting”.

In the case of absorbable synthetic sutures, the product is delivered in bulk, in sealed foil envelopes, sterility assurance and required moisture limit.

Also, we have international certifications that rigorously validate our manufacturing management from the viewpoint of the manufacture of medical supplies.

Our certified ability has the latest technology equipment to guarantee high quality sutures and performance, including the suture humidity control.

Finally, the sterilizing agent traces control, the test of closing packages, set of needle and thread, the wire thickness (gauge). All this process according to international health standards and parameters.

global surgical suture manufacturer
Global Surgical Suture Manufacturer